Sunday, 4 October 2009

Cry Baby, Cry: Update

I'm writing these posts about 2-3 weeks after the fact.  It's partly because I had better things to do in the first couple of weeks of Alex's life.  It's partly that it gives me time to think about and understand things, an emotional safety barrier if you will.  And it's partly that it stops me from writing something stupid, like a joke about a nappy rash that turns out to be measles.  A not looking like a prat barrier, perhaps.

I might need to work on the not looking like a prat barrier size...

Everything I wrote in Cry Baby, Cry was absolutely true for the first two and half weeks.  It was true when I wrote it.  It was true all the way until I got home that night.

Let's just say I'm over the "he doesn't cry enough" thing now.

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