Thursday, 26 November 2009

Let Me Count The Ways

I'm feeling a little melancholic today, so I thought I'd cheer myself up by remembering the good things about being a dad.  Plus, this blog has been a touch downbeat at times.  It's not all bad you know!
  1. Smiles.  Yeah, this is an easy one.  To paraphrase Eeyore, it is impossible to be uncheered with a smiling baby.  That a simple tickle on the knees is enough to produce paroxysms of delight is an added bonus.  Knee tickling can be done in conjunction with other activities vital to life, such as eating.
  2. Outfits with ears, eyes or any other sort of accoutrement designed to make your baby look like an animal.  I shouldn't like these.  They are, in pretty much every sense, hideous.  But yet, they are inexplicably cute and lovable.  (I suspect at least part of it is the fact that Alex always looks so disapproving when dressed up in them.)
  3. Cuddles.  The only downside is that you can't cuddle him especially hard.
  4. Cake.  Nicola is getting fully in touch with her housewifely side, and while the feminist in me isn't convinced, the glutton certainly approves.  Slight negative: the weight I lost when Alex was born is coming back.
  5. Alex's eyes.  They really are astonishingly clear.  Deep blues, perfectly white whites and just a hint of a cheeky sparkle.  It's only looking at Alex's eyes that I realise how much of the time as adults we go around with dull, bloodshot eyes.
  6. Tiny fingers holding my hand.  I know it's just a reflex, but it's still lovely.
  7. How he smells.  Babies smell good.  Alex smells good.  Except when he's just laid a stinker.
  8. Being greeted with a gurgle and smile when I come home.  And Alex is usually pleased to see me too.  (*Ba-doom-tchish*)
  9. The "whoa!  I've never seen THAT before!" face.  Things are still very new to Alex.  Sometimes, so new he can't keep the amazement off his face.  Often the thing that has prompted this will be totally mundane.  Paper bags, fingers and a glass of juice have all prompted the W!INSTB! face.
  10. Yawns.  Just plain cute.
  11. Going to sleep listening to Alex snuffle and wuffle in his sleep.  It's very soothing being able to hear him so settled and comfy.  Thank goodness he's a good sleeper!
  12. Bath time.  Fun and useful!
So there you go.   A dozen good things.  Life isn't so bad after all.

P.S. If anyone's wondering what the worst thing is, it's this: Finding out that a stinker is actually a squirter the hard way.  Or should that be the soft way?  Yeuuuuuuuuugh...

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