Monday, 16 November 2009

Splish Splash I Was Having a Bath

Bath time is fun time.

No, seriously.  I love bath time.  Bath time is a wonderful combination of things.  Firstly, Alex loves it.  Ever since he had his first bath at the hospital, Alex has been a water baby.  Initially this just meant that he would be quiet and calm when bathing.  In the last few weeks it's developed into a joyful splashing about.  He'll often look up and grin while doing it.

Secondly, bathing is an equal opportunity activity.  Baths are a pleasant bit of baby care that both dad and mum can do.  As such, for the first few weeks in particular they were my job.  Partly because I have big hands and so was more able to grip Alex securely, but mostly so that I spent time with Alex.

It's not all fun and games though.  The first few baths were pretty scary for me, if not for Alex.  Even in a baby bath, a newborn baby looks pretty damn small.  Plus, you're very aware that the only thing that stands between your child and drowning is your tenuous grip.  It makes it kind of hard to wash them when you're holding onto them for dear life.

Alex doesn't like coming out of baths either.  On a good day, he'll be relatively quiet while you towel him off and get him dressed again.  On a bad day, he'll scream his head off then wee on your lap.  Towelling off a writhing baby is somewhat tricky.  There seem to be more arms and legs involved than can possibly be natural.  Alex also has a remarkable tendency to try and fire himself off your lap and onto the floor.  This would not be the relaxing end to the bathing ritual.

Lastly, no matter how hard you try, you will end up soaking.  You might as well accept it and go with the flow.  You won't be any drier at the end of it, but at least you won't be wondering how you managed to get water behind the backs of your knees.

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