Friday, 18 December 2009

Corners Like It's On Rails

You may recall my inane ramblings about prams a while back.  Over the last few months, our giant poo brown and Seventies orange pram has done sterling service.  In the last couple of weeks, though, Alex has been promoted to his shiny new push-chair.  Unlike the pram, it's tastefully coloured and brand new.  (Thanks Hazel and Alan!)  Alex loves it, as it allows him to see the world as it goes past.  Nic and I love it because it's about a ton and half lighter than the pram and folds up much, much smaller.

It's not all good though.  It doesn't go totally flat, so it's not as good for snoozing in.  It's also got much smaller wheels, making it only really good on smooth surfaces.  (Pavement, fine.  Gravel, not so much.)  It has a shopping basket bit, but when you've got a reclining child in the seat you can't actually put anything into it.  The handles don't adjust height wise and aren't quite high enough for me.

It's biggest flaw is also its biggest boon though.  It corners with barely a thought.  That's great for going around corners, but it's also kind of alarming.  Imagine having a really twitchy shopping trolley full of the most expensive wine in Tescos.  Then take it out into traffic.  And make the wine cry.  Sometimes, you just want to go in a straight line, and quickly with it.  the pushchair, however, sometimes wants to go at right angles.  It can be a bit alarming.  The old pram was a pain to corner (you had to press down on the handle to lift the front wheel off the ground), but went in a straight line without thought.  Swings and roundabouts I guess.  Still, for sheer ease of use, the pushchair wins hands down.

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