Thursday, 3 December 2009

Mirror Mirror

I sometimes wonder what goes on in Alex's head.  The world must seem so baffling for a newborn.  After all, he's yet to fully understand what the interesting things at the ends of his arms are.  He's giving them a good chewing though, just in case they're edible.  Faces he seems to understand, or at least enjoy.  What he makes of mirrors is a total mystery.

He does enjoy looking in them.  Hold him up to a mirror and he'll stare at himself before breaking into a massive grin.  Does he know it's him?  I doubt it.  Does he recognise something instinctively "babyish" about his reflection?  Maybe.  Maybe he, in some way, understands that the baby in the mirror is the same as he in, in a way Mummy and Daddy aren't.  Or maybe he's just vain.

Curiously, he quite likes looking at me and Nic in the mirror too.  Sometimes more than looking at us directly.  perhaps it's that bit comfier, or easier to focus on compared to craning his head up to see up.  Who the hell knows?

He also very much enjoyed watching a video of himself.  Must remember this next time he's having a howl!

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