Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Duck you!

Alex has discovered the delights of bath toys.  Specifically, the rubber duck.  Even more specifically, MY rubber duck!

For the last few baths, I've been putting the rubber duck in to float about with Alex.  This has really been for my amusement.  Alex was more interested in splashing about than playing with the duck.  In all honesty, I don't think he even noticed it.

On Sunday, however, he suddenly got the idea.  I think the duck bumped up against his knee, alerting him to its presence.  Since then, the duck has become a firm bath time favourite.  The preferred method of play is to have the duck floating around Alex's legs and for him then to kick the hell out of the duck until it flips over.  Sometimes, for added difficulty, he'll pincer the duck between both feet and drag it up the bath. then kick the hell out of it.  Either way, the duck comes off worst.

When he first did this, I was alone in the bathroom with him.  (Nic was taking the opportunity to do a quick tidy, crazy woman that she is.)  This being the most exciting thing since his last poo, I obviously shouted for her to come through.  Naturally, Alex stopped playing once Mum was present.  In encouraging him to play, I let Nic see the bottom of the duck.

The duck was quickly banned from bath time.

It seems that Mr Duck had not been keeping himself as clean as one might expect from a bath toy.  His (normally) yellow bottom was coated with a thick, black mouldy sludge.  No matter how exciting Alex playing with the duck was, there was no way he was being allowed back into the bath.  Alex and I mourned the passing of Mr Duck.  Nicola just gave him a wipe with some disinfectant.  The disinfectant was significantly more effective.

Thanks to the power of Tesco's Bathroom Spray, Mr Duck has been allowed to make a triumphant return to the bath.  He was back last night, in full glory.  Alex celebrated by kicking the hell out of him.

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